Sagittarius - Astrology Art

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Exclusive Astrology Art Card, made to make you feel good and be great

With her Sun in this adventurous Fire Sign, the Sagittarius Woman is always eager to learn new things and explore the world. She is strongly connected to Jupiter, the planet of optimism and good luck. The heart of a Sagittarius Woman needs freedom and a good laugh.

Art: Cate Adriana
Words: Rock Your World
Unframed A4 297 x 210 mm, paper 350 g
About the artist
CATE ADRIANA (Cathelijne Biskop)
An autodidact Artist and Illustrator (30) from the Netherlands. The organic lines are the types of lines found in nature. They are irregular, curved, and often fluid. They convey a sense of gracefulness, beauty, dynamism, and mystery. I want to show the strength of the female body and mother nature. Find out more here.