CALM Tea | Stress Relief Tonic

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Relax + Restore

This is an exquisite and effective herbal tea for those dealing with stress*, anxiety* and symptoms of trauma*. Contains essential nervines, nervous system decompressants, that greatly relax the system.*

This formula was born as a donation based communi-tea to help with several difficult aspects of 2020 such as support of BIPOC communities, the protests around black lives matter, loss of jobs, etc. Yet, since it’s birth, due to the high demand, it has become a tea staple into our apothecary! We donated over 2,000 tea bags when the Black Lives Matter protests were happening. As well as currently offering for donation to many causes that supports women and BIPOC communities.

Packaged in a post consumer recycled bag

Anima Mundi Calm Tea 57 Gram

Dit is een uitstekende thee om te ontspannen. Kruidenmix met biologische en/of wildcrafted Tulsi, Kamille en Ashwagandha en meer.

*   These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.


Tulsi, Kamille, Melk Haver, Roos, Heemstwortel, Eleuthero (Siberische ginseng), Ashwagandha

Holy Basil (Ocimum teniflorum) Leaf*, Chamomile (Matri-caria camomilla) Flower*, Milky Oats (Avena sativa)*, Rose (Rosa canina) Petals^, Marshmallow (Althea officinalis) Root*, Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococus senticosus) Root*, Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) Root*

*Organic / ^Wildcrafted


Als u zwanger bent of borstvoeding geeft eerst uw arts raadplegen voor gebruik. Buiten bereik van kinderen houden.

Voeg 1 eetlepel toe aan 1 kopje heet water. Laat 5-10 minuten trekken, zeef, nip en geniet van de warmte. Voeg indien nodig melk of zoetstof naar keuze toe om er een extra gezellig kopje magie van te maken.

2oz dried herbal blend

*This is a larger bag than the original donation based bag we sent to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

*Soon we will have this tea in larger formats due to the high demand. Email us if you need bulk sizes.

Add 1 Tbsp per 1 cup of hot water. Steep for 5-10 min. Strain, and savor the warmth. Add milk or sweetener of choice.

Store away from heat & light.