The Love Deck


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69 Cards to play Truth or Dare with your lover.


ROCK YOUR WORLD wants to inspire & empower you to live your full potential. We believe that when you feel good, you can achieve great things. In life, career and in your love life. That is why we offer a wide variety of wellbeing tools for your daily routines and Selfcare rituals. We believe in building strong relationships, with yourself and with the people you love. Those connections form the fundamentals of feeling good.

THE LOVE DECK will help you deepen the connection with your love. 

The questions & practices will open up conversations and will help you understand the dynamics of your partnership to a deeper level.


1. Set the mood: switch off your phones, light a candle, use a form of scent, put on some music and sit down in front of each other.

2. Shuffle the cards and put the deck between you. Take turns drawing the top card and reading the truth or dare question / practice out loud. 3. Answer the question / execute the practice. You can draw as many cards as you like, or you can make it a daily ritual by drawing one card a day, i.e. before going to sleep.

P.S. A good time to play would be around Full Moon and / or your ovulation, as your heart is at its most open during that period.

Questions are in english.

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69 kaarten


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