Organic Root Elixir



SAPINCA - Organic Root Elixir, a divine drink with the colour and the power of the sun.

A unique and special blend, handcrafted from 10 powerful root varieties largely from South America. By layering the distinctive flavours of the species, SAPINCA offers a full-bodied and robuust yet sophisticated taste on your palate. Organic, vegan, 100% natural and 0% alcohol. SAPINCA is multi-applicable: as a pure shot, combined with hot water for a spicy yet elegant tea, with sparkling water makes a fresh/spicy drink and also perfect for the creation of unique mocktails and cocktails.


Water, blue agave*, lemon*, natural ginger and turmeric aroma, ginger*, turmeric*, maca*, yacon*, tapioca syrup*, horseradish*, lucuma*, licorice root*, galanga*, ashwaganda* and orange carrot*

* = organic origin
• Shelf life: 12–24 months
• Storage: Shelf-stable
• Dimensions: 0 cm (0 in)