Myraflores: Letting Go Flower Remedy

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Edible flower essence to feel detachment, flow, presence, forgiveness, boundaries + efficiency.

Flower essences

Rock Water, red chestnut, honeysuckle, oak, elm, impatients + chicory

Recommended for

  • A difficulty accepting what is and releasing what isn't meant for you
  • Accept life's natural flow instead of forcing
  • Worrying about others and feeling helpless
  • Getting trapped in the past instead of feeling the present
  • Pushing past your own limits to achieve
  • Overwhelm from many responsibilities
  • Judgment of others for not acting as quickly
  • Always in a rush and running at high speed

Combines perfect with Be Zen Spray

Why use a flower remedie?

A flower remedie is a unique blend of flower essences to support and offer wellness routines that promote the release of emotions that could otherwise stay stagnant in the mind, body and spirit over time.

About the brand: Myraflores

Myraflores is an Amsterdam based small business and is inspirered by Dr. Bach's teachings, a UK-based homeopath from the 1920's.


Natural mineral water (80,67%)
Brandy Bio (40%)
Glycerin (16,67%)
Flower Essences (2,67%)


Take 4 drops under the tongue 4x per day until the remedy is complete. If you're sensitive to taste add to water, juice or coffee.