Ayurvedic Herbal Tea: ENERGY

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She woke up and conquered the World.

Beautiful and unique herbal tea mixes of toasty grains and organic Ayurvedic botanicals.

Only the highest quality herbs and botanicals. Genmaicha from Japan. Single origin cacao nibs from Ecuador. Grilled Buckwheat from France.

Naturally gluten free. Organic. Made in France. No additives or flavours.

A vibrant green tea for absolute energy and immunity.

- Japanese Genmaicha, roasted rice and vibrant Sencha green tea blend in a Genmaicha mix that’s full of life and flavour.
- Tulsi a.k.a the "elixir of life," an adaptogenic plant considered as the "Queen of plants" in Ayurvedic medicine becomes your secret weapon for strength and immunity. Also known as holy basil.
- Naturally energizing moringa and tangy ginger surf in on afternotes, the perfect antidotes for a sluggish day.

It’s elegant, it’s uplifting, it’s mega awake.



Green tea leaves,* Toasted brown rice,* Ginger,* Moringa,* Holy basil
*From Organic farming