Cosmic Coffee | Ayurveda inspired coffee with medicinal mushrooms



Invigorating | Caffeine-free morning ritual | with spices + adaptogens

  • Enjoy a gently stimulating and aromatic start to the day without caffeine
  • Ayurvedic recipe with 8 carefully selected, freshly ground spices with the vitalizing reishi mushroom
  • Handmade from 100% natural ingredients , vegan, no added sugar and gluten-free.
  • Easy to prepare  - pour 1 teaspoon of hot water/milk  and you're done! 
  • Contents are enough for  20 servings or 3 weeks if consumed daily

Invigorating, caffeine-free for a gentle start to the day - Premium Ayurveda coffee alternative - with 8 selected, freshly ground spices and Reishi medicinal mushroom - Easy preparation - add hot water/milk and you're done - 100% organic, vegan, no added sugar and gluten free - Made in a small factory in Bavaria DE-OEKO-037

Normal coffee & female hormone balance

Many studies report that coffee has a negative effect on female hormonal balance - especially PMS and period pain. The reason for this is the increased release of cortisol (stress hormone that promotes the narrowing of blood vessels) and the negative influence on estrogen production. This can lead to an increase in cycle symptoms. Many experts advise women to reduce their coffee consumption and to avoid coffee, especially in the second half of the cycle (normal coffee is best consumed in the first half / Kapha phase). In the second half, the caffeine-free & gentle Ayurveda coffee is ideal as an alternative. :) 

How does coffee work according to Ayurveda?

Coffee, with its bitter taste and drying, heating properties, has a stimulating effect on our organism. It increases Vata and Pitta, lowers Kapha. At the same time, coffee stimulates our digestive fire Agni. Although coffee initially stimulates Agni, the dry nature of coffee can lead to long-term disadvantages such as constipation, restlessness, nervousness, etc. 
Therefore, coffee is allowed in Ayurveda, but only in small doses - especially for Vata and Pitta types. 
A grain-based coffee with spices is a good alternative for all three doshas. Vata types (warming and caffeine-free), Pitta types (caffeine-free) and Kapha types (stimulating spices).

What makes coffee so special? What is Reishi?

Cosmic Coffee is the beneficial alternative to the usual caffeine kick and coffee high. Our mixture is caffeine-free and gently invigorates with the power of Ayurvedic spices. Dried ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom and other selected spices ensure a chai-like taste and keep you awake and alert even without caffeine. In addition to spices, it also contains the adaptogen Reishi. Reishi has a tradition and use as a valuable medicinal mushroom that goes back thousands of years - find out more here . It gives the mixture a coffee-like, bitter taste. 


Soluble grain coffee (gluten-free) with spices and reishi
Contents: 20 servings / 40 g

INGREDIENTS: gluten-free instant grain coffee powder* ( rye *, chicory*, barley *, acorns*, figs*), reishi* (Ganoderma lucidum) 5%, ginger*, Ceylon cinnamon*, cardamom*, anise*, fennel*, black Pepper*, coriander*, clove*

Gluten-free due to the special manufacturing process.

Average nutritional values ​​/ 100 g: Energy 329 kcal / 1389.3 kcal, fat 0.9 g - of which saturated fatty acids 0.2 g, carbohydrates 69.7 g - of which sugar 10 g *, protein 7.3 g, salt 0.2 g

No added sugar - product naturally contains sugar.


Simply pour your Ayurveda coffee with hot water or (vegetable) milk. To do this, pour 100 ml of hot water over a teaspoon in the cup. Refine with cream, milk, plant-based milk... Tip: A little sweetness/cream enhances the aroma of the spices. Enjoy!