Organic Fruit Elixir



SAPINCA - Organic Fruit Elixir, a divine drink with the colour and strength of stability (blue) and energy (red).

A unique and special blend, handcrafted from powerful root and fruit varieties largely from South America. The special combination of roots and fruits powers up your mind, soul and body. Organic, vegan, 100% natural and 0% alcohol. SAPINCA is multi-applicable: as a pure shot, combined with hot water for a spicy yet elegant tea, with sparkling water makes a fresh/spicy drink and also perfect for the creation of unique mocktails and cocktails.


Water, blue agave*, lemon*, natural ginger and turmeric aroma, ginger*, turmeric*, maca*, yacon*, tapioca syrup*, horseradish*, lucuma*, licorice root*, galanga*, ashwaganda* and orange carrot*

* = organic origin
• Shelf life: 12–24 months
• Storage: Shelf-stable
• Dimensions: 0 cm (0 in)